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Aloha Maui Real Estate is a full-service real estate company.  Our property management organizational philosophy focuses on providing a comprehensive program for residential properties.

Aloha Maui Real Estate LLC is a member of the, Realtors Association of Maui (RAM), Hawaii Association of Realtors and National Association of Realtors.

Our services include the property management of single-family homes, condominium apartments and apartment buildings. All property managers hold active Hawaii real estate licenses.

We offer comprehensive property management services with attention to detail.
  • Compliance with Hawaii Landlord-Tenant Code
  • Determining fair market rent
  • Advertising Placement
  • Coordinating Showings
  • Applicant Processing and Screening
  • Rental Agreements
  • Rent collection
  • Bill payment
  • Maintenance
  • Coordinating repair work
  • Move-out Inspections
  • Periodic inspections and reports
  • Disbursement of proceeds
  • Annual Accounting
  • IRS 1099 Forms
  • Annual Expense Statement
Aloha Maui Real Estate's organizational philosophy supports the essential technical and practical skills for efficient management of an investment property, both for the absentee owners as well as local residents.  We are dedicated to the objectives of:

 1)  Preserving and enhancing the value of your real estate investment,
 2)  Providing efficient and friendly customer service, and
 3)  Doing timely and accurate accounting.

Specific procedures have been developed and implemented for the services listed below:
  • Consistent tenant screening to ensure compliance with state and federal fair housing laws. Proficient tenant selection assures the property owner that the best and most qualified tenant will be placed into their property.

  • Professional leasing with rental agreements from the Hawaii Association of Realtors forms to minimize misunderstandings. Standardized leasing agreements promote clear interpretation by all parties.

  • Periodic property inspections to ensure that the property is appropriately maintained. Onsite check-in and checkout inspections provide us with first-hand confirmation of the property's condition.

  • Year end fiscal reports and computerized cash flow statements provides the client with detailed income and expense records that include month-to-date as well as year-to-date accounting.

  • Enforcement of on-time rental collectionsOur strict rental collection policy decreases the chance of late rental payments.

  • Effective physical maintenance for the benefit of the property owner. A well-maintained property will derive maximum market rents with low vacancy factor.

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Living on Maui and facts about Maui Real Estate
Maui is located right in the middle of the inhabited part of the Hawaiian island chain, with five nearby islands in plain sight.

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