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About Aloha Maui Real Estate

Why Aloha

The Oceanic people taught that a joyful and healthy life was based on following a sense or an instinctive drive to what is healthful and pleasurable, manifested in what they called Aloha. This is also what our company’s sense, or mission, is about.

Alo means to share and Ha means breath, so Aloha literally means to give and share the breath of life. In order to be able to share something, we must first possess the elusive thing called Aloha, for Aloha also means compassion, love, caring, sympathy, kindness, and many other meanings related to a shared joy in living.

In living the Aloha spirit, the team of agents at Aloha Maui Real Estate can always practice our motto, “We Serve.” Our work is our joy and a manifestation of the Aloha spirit. We find a sense of place and mission in providing the best that we can, for paradoxically, in giving one possesses more. In sharing, we grow in love and compassion. We feel at home in Maui, this parcel of Paradise. As we move about this place and work here, we feel an outpouring of love that we share with everyone we touch.

Besides providing work with integrity, innovation, knowledge, service and teamwork, you can expect a sense of Aloha from our team of professionals.

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Living on Maui and facts about Maui Real Estate
Maui is located right in the middle of the inhabited part of the Hawaiian island chain, with five nearby islands in plain sight.

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